I Just Discovered #Englishcountryhouse on Instagram, And My Life Will Never Be the Same

So, yes, we have established by now that I am an old person at heart. Despite my 24 years of age, I insist on going to bed before 9:30 p.m., I hate going out, and I'm probably the grumpiest person you'll ever meet. I have accepted this about myself. And I am continuing to add to that list. How? Well, while most people are following influencers, meme accounts, and their friends on Instagram, I have eyes only for British antiques and old English homes. 

How did I find these accounts? Naturally, I sought them out. And in my explorations, I realized that they all had one thing in common—they used the hashtag #englishcountryhouses. I'm sure you can imagine my excitement. While before I was going through the tedious process of searching through tags, followers, and any other clues I could think of to find this type of inspiration, I finally realized it was right under my nose. Clearly I need to be better at Instagram. But I digress. 

This hashtag is full of magic, and with the thousands of millions of accounts featuring only pink velvet furniture and mid-century décor, it provides a beautiful respite from the Millennial-focused design that has taken over most of the Internet (no hate, though, it's just not my style). Anyway, I won't bore you with the details. If you're a closet senior citizen with an appreciation for things and places that look like they're owned by British royalty like me, keep scrolling for the gems I've stumbled across in my #englishcountryhouse journey.

Anna BuckmanComment