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Dress  | Photo by me

Dress | Photo by me

You know those times when you buy something on a whim and it turns out to be the best decision you ever made? This is one of those times. I purchased this dress one day while "studying" for my econ final on a stress-induced impulse shopping spree. While those usually end in regret and shame, this one miraculously did not. Since the day this dress arrived in my mailbox a week ago, I've worn it at least 6 times and had a successful photo shoot in it. I think it's safe to say this dress is a winner.

(P.S. You can find this dress here but it has been selling out in a matter of days every time it's put back in stock, so if it's not there just keep checking back - hopefully it will eventually show back up so that you can share its glory with me if you so desire!)