Clutch  |  Shoes  |  Ring  | Photo by  Madison Wathen  

Clutch | Shoes | Ring | Photo by Madison Wathen 

A few months ago, I started an internship for CollegeFashionista, a street style blog for college students around the world. My job was to take pictures of stylish students around campus and  write an article about that student's outfit every week, a simple task that proved much more difficult than it initially seemed. I ended up chickening out the first few weeks of the internship, using up my precious two skips and taking pictures of only my friends, which led to me producing less than quality work to say the least. I started to feel ashamed, knowing that I was letting my timidness get in the way of my potential to do much better. One day, I finally decided that I was fed up with myself and I approached my first Fashionista. Needless to say, I was terrified, but I also experience some other unexpected feelings. I quickly learned that asking a complete stranger was, indeed, very scary, but also more rewarding than I could ever have imagined. I loved seeing how flattered students felt when I approached them, and having a reason to meet people I would have never spoken to otherwise. I also began to realize that UK students had a lot more style than I had given them credit for, and I started to truly appreciate the individuality and creativity of students at my new college.

While I undoubtedly loved the street style aspect of my internship last semester, I am thrilled to begin this summer in a new and exciting way. My first column, as many of you may have seen, was called WHAT TO WEAR, and focused on other Fashionistas' outfits and how to wear them for various occasions. I absolutely loved focusing on the style of others, and I am beyond thankful that I had such an amazing opportunity to experience the fun of street style firsthand. However, change is necessary and inevitable, which is why I am so excited to be writing for the brand new category on CollegeFashionista, STYLE GURU STYLE.

To state the obvious, I love fashion. I spend hours (and sometimes days) on end reading fashion news, going through collections, and learning all that I can about the wonderfully talented and creative people who make the clothes that we wear come to life. With my new column, I now have the chance to do just that, and be able to share it with an audience who shares the same passion as I do. My task from now until August is to use the latest collections to inspire my own outfits, and to share what I've created and learned in my column.

In addition to the STYLE GURU STYLE category, I have also been selected to write an article for the Huffington Post this summer for CollegeFashionista, in which I will be focusing on UK and a student whom I believe represents the style of the university. I could not be more shocked that I was chosen for this opportunity, and I cannot WAIT to share my article with you all. My article will go live on August 27th, so mark your calendars and keep your eyes peeled for the hundreds of links I will surely be posting on that day!

When I began last semester as a Style Guru, I thought it would be my first and my last. Now, I can't imagine ever leaving the CollegeFashionista team, and I plan to stay a Style Guru until the day I graduate. Through this opportunity, I have discovered a passion that I was unaware that I had, and it has made my time at UK more rewarding and more fun than I could ever have dreamed. So to CollegeFashionista, I am truly grateful.