the ones that got away

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If you know me at all, you know I love shoes. I have been on a constant quest for the perfect pair since the moment I was able to walk. This is probably a result of my mother's overflowing collection of shoes from which I have stolen since the moment my foot finally reached a size 7 (sorry Mom), or maybe I was just born with it, which would most likely also be as a result of my mother (although my dad REALLY loves his fake Crocs). While I have not yet decided where this deep love came from or whether or not it is a blessing or a curse, spending way too much time thinking about and searching for beautiful shoes is nothing if not fun. With that said, shoes are probably the most expensive and unattainable piece of clothing that exists outside of designer handbags and evening gowns, which often makes my quest for shoes less of a happy ending and more of a heartbreaking story of unrequited love. Case in point: the entire collection of shoes from Anaïse. I discovered this website recently, and immediately fell in lust with every pair of shoes that the site had to offer. Unfortunately, I don't believe a single pair was under $300, leaving me in tears and adding yet another chapter to my sad saga of the ones that got away. But while I will not be able to afford any of these in the near future, this will not stop me from visiting the site daily for the next few weeks to drool over my favorite pairs and dwell over what could have been. Because what's a sad love story without a little bit of fantastical dreaming?