focusing on health


All photos from Anthropologie

When I started this blog, I knew that I didn't want it to be strictly about fashion. I have many different passions, and I knew that I wanted The Wandering Soul to be not focused only on one subject, but to truly be all the wanderings of my soul.

One subject in particular that I have become very passionate about fairly recently is health. When I was living in Savannah, I got into a very big slump. I stopped exercising and was mainly living on sugar-filled lattes from Starbucks and chocolate. I was sad and lonely most of the time, which only contributed to my increasingly unhealthy lifestyle. I started having trouble sleeping, I was steadily gaining weight, and I felt awful and tired all the time. 

One day I stumbled across a documentary about health and eating a "whole foods" diet, and it piqued my interest to learn more. I started watching every documentary I could find, and scouring the internet for any piece of information about living a healthier life. I stopped drinking lattes. I began cutting out refined sugar from my diet. I quit eating anything processed, and instead focused on consuming on real, WHOLE foods - foods that made me feel good and gave me energy instead of leaving me exhausted and sluggish all the time. I started running every day and focusing on getting any physical exercise that I could. In only about two weeks, I started to be able to tell a difference in how I felt.  I wasn't constantly tired anymore, my skin looked better, I felt happier and my mind was clearer that it had been in a long time.

It's been almost a year since I first made this transformation in my life. While I've certainly had my setbacks (thank you, Christmas Break), I am so happy that I made the commitment to lead a healthier life. Because being healthy is such a huge part of who I am now, I think it is only fitting to make it a large part of my blog as well. I'll be posting recipes, workouts, healthy tidbits, and motivation, because we all need a little extra incentive sometimes.

In my first post, I decided to incorporate a little fashion inspiration into working out, because fashion is always an incentive, am I right? I recently discovered this line of activewear during one of my daily browsings of Anthropologie's website, and obviously I was immediately obsessed. Though I haven't had as much time to work out lately, this clothing made me want to run to the gym and never leave. 

I've found that one of the most effective ways to stay active is to set a goal. It doesn't always have to be a weight loss goal; a fitness goal such as running an extra mile without stopping is often more satisfying, and provides a way to keep building onto your goal without becoming unhealthy. To give yourself a little more incentive, reward yourself with a little treat every time you reach your goal. My favorite reward? New workout clothes, obviously. Because is there any better motivation than a mint green ruffled jacket and ruched floral leggings?