I am attached to my hair. Anyone who knows me knows this is true. I haven't had a real haircut since 8th grade, and I get it trimmed maybe once a year. I often sit on it, get it stuck in windows, and even unintentionally eat it. It takes at least 40 bobby pins to keep it up, half an hour at least to dry it, and brushing it is nearly impossible. But even though it is an endless source of frustration for me, it is my safety. I have hidden behind it for years, and become attached to it in a way that's almost unhealthy. Thus, I have decided to change that. Tomorrow, I am getting a haircut. While this probably seems like very boring news to most of you, it is a huge step for me. I have almost chickened out and cancelled my appointment more than once in the past week, but I am determined to stick to my decision. As cliche as it sounds, I think it will change me for the better in more ways than one.